About The Baby Mamma Gift Box Co.

The Baby Mamma Gift Box Co. was founded in 2018 following the birth of our beautiful baby boy. This experience whipped up a lot of emotions that weren't there before. A desire to watch my son grow up without having to leave him every day to work for someone else. A feeling to build my own dream life. It made me want to create something beautiful to help celebrate all the amazing Baby Mamma's out there, so here we are!

Shopping for unique baby shower or new Mamma gifts can be hard work and very time consuming. Trying to find the right combination of practical and beautiful can be a challenge. One we have learnt well on this motherhood journey so far. The Baby Mamma Gift Box Co. takes all the hard work out of the gift buying process for you, and provides a service where we source and package up the perfect gift box, while you relax knowing you have something special to give to the amazing Mamma or Mamma to be.

We want this experience to be special for both you and the Mamma, as we truly believe in the magic of gift giving. Seeing someone you love smile, and in the case of Mamma's-to-Be, possibly shed a tear at how beautiful a gift is, is the most rewarding feeling, and one neither of you will ever forget. 

We've teamed up with some amazing brands so far, and love that we can offer a range of products to suit any budget, as well as helping other local or small businesses, as well as bigger, but eco-friendly businesses, to help our environment where we can. Supporting small businesses is something we are extremely passionate about, as we truly believe that by putting something back into the community, we can help make the world a better place. Plus remember that when you shop from a small business, each sale makes the owner do a happy dance, or is that just me?!

We also offer a bespoke gift box service and have an online retail store where you can buy individual items. For more information on our bespoke gift box service, please email hello@thebabymamma.co.uk 

Erika xx

Founder of The Baby Mamma Gift Box Co.

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