Privacy Policy

How we collect, store and use your data

Your personal data is collected when you process an order with us via This information is then held within our secure online store and PayPal. Your personal data is not shared with, sold or given to any person or company outside of The Baby Mamma Gift Box Co. who does not directly process your order. 

Your details will be held for two years and then will be removed from our systems. 

You may request any information we hold about you at any time by emailing, using the subject of 'GDPR Request'. We will provide you with the information within 14 working days of your request. 

We use PayPal to process all payments, whilst we do everything we can to ensure our account is secure, we can not be held responsible for any breaches in their security. 

We will use your data for marketing where you have agreed to receive emails - this may be in the form of a newsletter, or an email with a promotion. We will only contact you via email. 

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